A sobering thought......

I love singing in the choir. I love those wonderful words written by so many different people so that we can enjoy learning of God's love through song. Every so often, we will sing a song that has a phrase or words in it that just open your eyes. Words that make you stop and think of all the love that God has for us. Words that touch you deep inside and bring tears to your eyes. I had one of those moments last night. As we were doing a first run through of our Easter songs for this year, we were singing along to some old songs and some new when it happened. The next line in the lyrics said....."He wore my crown."

Wow. He took my place. He went through what He went through for me. He let them torture Him, beat Him, pierce Him, mock Him, ridicule Him, hurt Him and finally crucify Him for ME. He knew one day I was arriving and that one day I would sin. He knew that He had to become the supreme sacrifice so that I could be saved from a life of ruin. He took my burdens, my strife, my troubles, and hung them on the cross. For me. Little ol', unimportant, nobody, unknown ME.

If that is not a sobering thought, I do not know what is. So I for one would like to thank Him for wearing my crown and saving my life.


nita said...

Thank you for sharing this. I too Thank Him, for wearing my crown and saving my life.

Deb said...
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