Tea Time Tuesday in Tennessee

Thank you for dropping in for a spot of tea. This is some of my collection of tea cups, tea sets, tea pots, and tea for two. Hope you enjoy.

This was my very first official grown up entire tea set. (That's Jo and Meg from Little Women at the back of the tea set.)

This next display means the world to me. When I bought the first tea set and decided to collect them, my precious hubby surprised me that Valentine's day with the Royal Dalton Old Country roses teapot and tea cups. I was blown away. They were like my dream set that I hoped through out the years I could eventually afford. Words cannot express how I felt when I opened them. He is such a sweetheart.
The sister plaque was a gift from my sister (obviously). The antique book is a rare 1851 first edition of The Gift of Friendship, a collection of stories about friendship. It was a gift from my sister-in-law. And the glasses belonged to my Papaw Eden.

Here are some more of my collection.

This next one is one of my favorites. Picked it up at an antique store at a great deal.

This next one is my absolute favorite tea for two. I am a floral person and love flowers everywhere. I got this one at a store called Toby's World of Gifts in Little River, SC. They have a great selection of tea for twos. I discovered them a couple of years ago and now part of my yearly Beach vacation includes going to Toby's to get a new tea for two.

This one is very special to me. It evokes such wonderful memories. The first time my sister and her husband went with us to Charleston, SC we went to Boone Hall Plantation. I bought this in the gift shop there. It was an amazing trip.

This is one of my favorites as well. I love cardinals and dogwood so this gift from my precious daughter-in-law is very special to me.

My $3.00 antique store find.

This next one was my very first teapot of my collection. I love daffodils and violets and was so happy to find this.

On one trip to my Mom's, me and mom had gotten up early and I saw a yard sale in the garage across the alley from her backyard. I decided to pop over there while the grandkids were still in bed. Saw this tea for one and was almost afraid to price it. But it was only $1.00. I snatched it up fast.

This next one is my favorite miniature tea set. It was a gift from my niece Amy. This is the one the granddaughters get to use when I play tea party with them.

Several of my cups have spoons in them and all the spoons have either teapots or teacups on the top of them.

This next one is another of my favorite miniature teasets. My daughter-in-law gave me this one as well. I just fell in love with it.

I hope you enjoyed your tea. Stop by anytime. Maybe next time there will be some fresh cookies from the oven.


Deb said...
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Beth said...

I enjoyed the tea party and browsing through your beautiful collection.

Linda said...

You have a very nice collection! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Mary said...

You have a gorgeous collection !

Amy said...

I was waiting to see if mine made it on here and it did..lol


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