What a wonderful thought......

Authorities have not confirmed if a tornado is responsible for the damage to homes and downed power lines in the Greenback community.

I was just watching the news and seeing all the destruction in Greenback, TN from the tornado last night. They have determined it was an F3. There is a lot of devastation, but a lot of wonderful stories from the survivors of miracles that befell them last night.

But this one scene showed a church that had been hit real bad. He show some of the congregation looking at the destruction and one elderly lady took one look around and said "God is still God."

How blessed to have that type of attitude in the face of destruction. God is still God. I'm going to have to do a plaque or something with that on it. I love it. It is going to be my new mantra.


nita said...

Blessed indeed, thank you for sharing.

joybug56 said...

When a person has true peace and complete surrender to the Soverignty of God we can say " God is still God! Becoming a "selfless" person is but a slow growth ...but I am headed that way! Enjoyed your post