A little piece of paradise....

Some of my fondest memories of my early childhood days was playing under the weeping willow tree at Mamaw Eden's when she lived in what we call the old house. I wrote this post early in the morning on Tuesday, but later that day, my cousin was posting pictures on Facebook and she posted this one. It's my mom (in the white dress on the front of the porch with her glass of ice tea), her two sisters and Papaw. I have never seen this picture and the day I write about the old house, it gets posted by a cousin. God works in mysterious ways. In the top of the picture, she can see some of the weeping willow leaves hanging down.

Those early days of my childhood fill me with such longing for the peaceful days of summers filled with laughter, playing with cousins, spending the days with family.

I can't go back in time, but I can pull out those old memories and think of them. I can see us all gathered around that old kitchen table as Mamaw rattled around the kitchen preparing us something to eat. There was always ice tea no matter if it was breakfast, lunch, supper or a snack before bedtime. A pitcher of sweet ice tea was always in the refrigerator.

 I can sit out back and watching the branches of our willows as they move slowly in the breeze and I can remember with fondness those old days. I can hear the sounds of the birds as they sing their sweet song of peace. I watch as the river flows along at a peaceful, slow pace. Nothing gets in a hurry on our river. The eagles that live in the woods across the river will spread their wings, gliding slowly and gracefully up and down the river. The water is so still on some days that it looks like a sea of glass.

In these early morning hours when the day is just beginning, I can sit on the patio in the swing, gently swaying to and fro. You don't hear any traffic as we are so far from the main roads. The neighbors are all quietly inside their homes preparing for their work day. And me? I'm just sitting here in my swing enjoying my little piece of paradise.

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