The Upside Down Day.....

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle lives, with her cat Pat, her dog Wag, and her pig, Lester, in the house her husband built her — the UPSIDE DOWN house her husband built her, with the attic in the basement and the basement in the attic, and the chandelier on the floor (perfect for pretending it's a bonfire!) and everything is topsy turvy. These were some of my favorite books as a child. Well, today, I have felt like Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, like I was living in a topsy turvy world upside down and inside out from what it was supposed to be.

It started off with me getting up TOO early for a Saturday and I didn't have much to do until time to leave for errands and shopping. Yet, when it came time to leave, I realized I still had jammies on and had not eaten breakfast. Mad rush to get ready and a quick stop at the little store by the lake for a Pepsi for the road (needed that shot of caffeine).

We had our day all planned around meeting my niece in West Knoxville later in the morning. But after my daughter realized her glasses were hanging by a thread and she hadn't had an eye exam in 3 years, we had to change gears and head to East Knoxville for a trip to Dr. Bizer's.

Now on a Saturday morning, at Dr. Bizer's, you can be sure you will have a crowd. I volunteered to take the children with me so they would not get bored. I expected to hear cries of "We want to go to the play area." "Can we get a bubble gum?" "I'm thirsty." "I'm hungry." But instead, my grandson pushed his 2 year old sister in her stroller and walked quietly with me as we stopped in some of the stores I wanted to visit and I was allowed to look at what I wanted. Shelby was content to be in her stroller and take in the sights in the stores. (Who were these Stepford Children?).

We had been to only three stores (each one briefly) when my cell phone rang. It was my daughter. She was done. Thirty minutes flat. Had her exam, picked out glasses and sunglasses and placed her order and she was ready to go. (Did aliens with organizational skills take possession of Dr. Bizer's employees?)

Then we went to a store and I got two wonderful bargains. One was a new pair of flip flops for myself. My flip flops were $22.00 on sales for $9.98 and I had a coupon off for $10.00 on my purchase, which made my flip flops negative .02 cents. I guess I got my .02 cents worth today. (Was the bargain fairy riding in the stroller, too?)

Then we met my niece at the mall for a quick bite and to see her new Jeep she came to Knoxville to pick up (it is gorgeous, by the way). The mall is normally a mad house at lunch time, Even though the mall was packed, we were served in about 10 minutes. (do you see a pattern here...nothing was as it normally was).

I had the whole day planned as to where to go and where I would be at certain times, but thanks to the glasses situation, we had to regroup and come up with a Plan B at the last minutes. At least I'm adaptable....even if it does make me feel like I've had a topsy turvy, upside down, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle type day.

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