Farewell old friend....

I sit here with mixed emotions. About a year ago I bought a Cadillac Deville. About one month later, I regretted my decision. I just was not happy with it. It was a very good car and ran so smooth. It was very clean and was a one owner. But for some reason I never did "bond" with "her". She has been a good car and has gotten me where I wanted to go. But still I never did "feel the love" for her. I have contemplated on more than one occassion the feasibility of just trading her back in for a different model, but I just kept driving her. She was very dependable and was always there for me when I needed her.

In our hail storm a couple of weeks ago, she took a severe beating. Major damages to the hood, roof and trunk as well as some minor pings on the doors and fender panels. She has some busted trim and a cracked windshield. Mr. Adjuster Man came to visit last week and took a gander at her damages. He passed his findings on to the Insurance Dude. Bottom line, they are totaling her and she'll go to that great salvage yard where all beaten and trodden vehicles go. I thought I would be so glad for a chance to get something new, but now that it is time to bid farewell, I find myself a tad emotional and realize that I must have been bonding with her all along. So farewell old friend and thanks for the miles and the memories.

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