It's okay to be different....

I have struggled for about a month with a situation that was causing me to rethink some of the things that make me, well, ME! I was criticized and made to feel inferior simply because I do things differently, feel things differently and react to things differently. It has taken me several weeks to realize....It's okay to be different. I am the best "me" that I know how to be.
Someone's ideas and thoughts do not have to match my ideas and thoughts. Someone's anger and bitterness does not have to become my anger and bitterness.
Someone's blue mood does not have to become my blue mood. I can still smile through the sunshine or through the rain.
I don't have to become a victim of gloom and doom simply because others do.

I prefer to be someone who stands tall and faces problems head on, not someone who droops with the "woe is me" syndrome.
 It's okay to get straight to the point and not circle around a situation until you worry it to death.

 There is nothing wrong in deciding to swim in another direction.

 We don't all have to look the same or act the same. Our thoughts do not have to mirror the thoughts of others.
 We can take pride in who we are and what God has made of us. We can stand strong and tall and say gladly that "I am me. And it's okay for me to be this way." When you get right down to it, God didn't make no junk and He didn't make any of us exactly alike. And it's okay.


Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

I find it so frustrating when someone says I do/feel/react to things wrong.
No, we all react differently, which is what make us so unique! Can you imagine a world SO boring that we all reacted the same to everything? When noone dared to try to do something different?
No thank you!

Joanne Shin said...

I was so touched and impressed by your post.
I always prefer the word "different" to "wrong",however, sometimes it seems the world always say, "you behave wrong" to me.
I am totally on the same page with you! and agree to the phrase: It's okay to be different! :)

Anonymous said...

Read your post daily. Thanks for sharing. God bless

Debbie Huffaker said...

I stumbled across this post you did several years ago. I think I know who made you feel this way....and I'm very sorry. HOPE all is forgiven.