The Purse Saga....

I made it to the new Donna Sharp Outlet first thing Saturday morning. We got there about 10 minutes after they opened. We walked in and were greeted a the door with someone to let us know about the grand opening specials and to introduce us to Donna Sharp.

I almost freaked out. I had no idea she would be there. I am such a HUGE fan of her products that it was as exciting for me as if I had met the Queen of England. She was so awesome. I told her how much I love her product and she personally walked around the purses with me helping me look at the different designs and patterns. We had a blast! She was so down to earth and I left feeling like I had a made a new friend.

You should check out the Donna Sharp Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/DonnaSharpInc

They had buy a purse and get 2 accessories for 1/2 off. Plus they had a wheel you could spin for additional savings. I spun the wheel and got the only $25.00 gift certificate on there. Needless to say I used it Saturday.

I got a new Elaina purse in her Pink Passion Pattern

 The matching wallet (which I adore!)
 And this neat cell phone wallet for those days when I am taking the kids to the zoo, the aquarium, miniature golfing, etc.
The cell phone wallet has an exterior cell phone holder and on the inside their is enough room for your camera, your keys, your cash, your ID and your credit cards.
Plus it comes with a removal strap that can be hooked to your belt loop and a removable shoulder strap so you can wear it on your shoulder or adjust it to fit around your neck. It's awesome.
And the best part of the day? I saved $52.20 all total! What an awesome day!
I'm going back this weekend and get me a purse to put up for fall/winter in the pattern of the cell phone wallet while they are still having their good sales.

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Donna said...

Bee..Your photos of VBS brought back so many fun memories! And it sounds like you met a neat lady..love the purses!

I just wanted to let you know that your post on homesickness really stuck in my mind. We had had such a fun weekend doing things that brought back those same memories. Your post really and the weekend inspired my tea chat today. I linked up and sent everyone your way to see what you wrote. :o) I also shared the same John Denver song as it's one of my favorites. But I gave you the credit. So if you see more traffic than usual, it might be because I sent a few friends to read your post. It was really very beautiful!

Donna @ Comin' Home

PS. Your blog looks just fabulous!