Summer time, sweet summertime

As of 1:16 p.m. EST yesterday, it is officially summertime!

It is time for swimming pools.....

.....lazy rivers

..... sandcastles

..... ocean breezes

..... sandy beaches

..... lemonade

..... fireworks

..... cookouts

.... picnics

..... road trips

..... exhaustion

Exhausted Squirrel

Aah. Sweet, sweet summertime.


Butterfly Flutter said...

Wow!! The attendances your church had for VBS is just great. We have average about 80-85 kids this weeks so far. Pray that many children are saved Thursday night our preacher is giving the lesson time so pray for that night especially.

Linda said...

Yes...Summertime is a special time! I loved all of the pictures. Yup...I think it's time for a road trip to a sandy beach, with ocean breezes. (I wish, I wish.)

The squirrel made me laugh! I feel that kind of exhaustion sometimes! (:>) Cute!

Just wanted to skip on over to Mamaw's Place to see what you were up to! Are you planning a getaway anytime soon?

Next month is our 35th anniversary and I would like to go somewhere fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

Love, Linda