Top Ten Tips for Relaxing

I love relaxation. There is nothing better than to rejuvenate using small little things that can make you feel better, lift your mood, or simply give you a 5 minute break. I am a mother of twins (a boy and a girl) who are now grown and given me 5 beautiful grandchildren that I adore. Between work, home, church, family, my time gets split in many directions. Here are my top ten items that help me relax and give me a little lift.

1.  Take a bubble bath. Many of you are probably thinking you don't have time for a bubble bath. I know you can be so exhausted at night once your day is done and your kids are in bed, but try to take just 15 minutes to soak in some scented bubbles (Suave Naturals Indulgent Body Wash makes the best bubbles and is great for sensitive skin). Light a couple of aromatic candles, grab a magazine and flip through the pages or simply rest your head on a bath pillow and feel the stress melt away. Add some Epsom salts to the water to relieve tired muscles.

2.  Polish your nails. This may sound crazy, but there is nothing that lifts me up more than seeing my nails on freshly polished. And with so many of the nail polishes coming in a 60 second dry time, you can do a manicure in less than 5 minutes. There are so many colors now that it is easy to find a quick pick-me-up with nail polish. They even make polish now that comes with base coat, polish and top coat all blended in one bottle so it looks like a professional manicure with just one coat.

3.  Buy new silk undies. This is an inexpensive way to give yourself a quick fix to relieve some stress. We all have those days when there is shopping that has to be done for the family or for the house. Take a few minutes and browse through the feminine goodies and select a pair that is silky and soft. They don't have to cost a fortune, but just something a little out of the ordinary to make you remember you are still a girly-girl inside.

4.  Drink a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea. There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than a nice warm drink. I try to keep a "special" mug that I only use for those times when I need a pick me up. Simply sitting for 5 minutes to drink my hot chocolate is so soothing.

5.  Go outside. I don't mean take a walk or plan anything to do outside. Just simply open the door, step outside and take a good look at your surroundings. Is there a favorite tree you love to watch blow in the wind? Is there a little flower that catches your eye. Clear your mind and listen intently. I'm sure you will hear birds singing or a breeze blowing. Just stay out there for a few minutes and take a few deep, cleansing breaths and head back in to face whatever awaits you.

7. Grab a snack. Treat yourself to one or two Hershey kisses or a slice of apple or orange. I try to keep oranges and apples cut up in the fridge so all I have to do is grab one when I want a quick munch.

8. Surf the internet. As we blog, tweet or Facebook, we spend many hours on the internet. Sometimes, it can be used as a getaway. If you like to craft, check out the new patterns at FreePatterns.com. If you are a collector, visit Ebay to see what unique items you might find. I like to go to the Auction section and sort by "ending soonest" so I can grab a great bargain at the last minute if there is something I want. Visit Etsy.com and check out some of the unique items for sale in the various stores.

9.  Read a book. Not everyone likes to read, but if you do, it's a wonderful way to relax. There is nothing like losing yourself in a good novel to get away from it all for a brief period of time. If you don't like novels, get a book of inspiration, or a book on "How To" for something that interests you.

10. Watch an old comedy. I love going to Hulu.com and watching some of the old sitcoms I group up with. It is a great way to unwind and laughter is a great medicine for whatever ails you.

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Great tips!