Vintage items that I am looking for....

I'm going antique shopping again today. I'm looking for some specific vintage items. If you will remember from my Memorial Day post, hubby and I went to some of the local shops looking for this pitcher.
We never found it, but I have since found out that it was made by Arcopal and was the French Pyrex plant. I found one on Etsy that had sold and one on EBay that is in the UK and they will only ship to the UK, so I'm still looking for this. Through my research, I found that many US antique shops carry Arcopal items that were brought back from visits to France.  
 I really want this little Federal Glass pitcher. Mom had one when we were young and I remember it so well.
 I'm also on the prowl for a set of Corelle Cups with the open hangar hook for the handle. These will be a gift for my sister. Pattern won't matter, she's just looking for these type of handles on the Corelle Cups.
 I have a few pitchers and thought I might look for some more. I like them in all sizes...creamers, juice pitchers and ice tea pitchers.

This is a pretty bowl by Arcopal Pyrex that I would love to find.

 I remember with fondness many times spent at my Uncle Charlie's and Aunt Louise's house. She always served us in those vintage aluminum cups. I'd love to find some for the grandkids. They kept the drinks so cold.

 As I check out the various shops, I'll be on the look out for more salt dips for my collection. My cousin Patty has this one and I would love to find one like it or at least one similar in a swan pattern.
That's my shopping wish list for the day. It's hard to tell what I'll end up with .... if anything. But it will be fun looking. Many of these items are on Ebay or Etsy, but to me, it's the thrill of the hunt. Plus I find that our local antique shops are way less expensive than shopping on line...not to mention the savings on shipping.

Hope you have a great Saturday!


Linda said...

Have fun antiquing! My hubby and I have been collectors for about 30 years.

Now we are having to be more selective...as we are retired and don't have much more room. But we enjoy antiquing and looking for treasures together!

Happy Weekend!

Linda @ Truthful tidbits

Weston Anderson said...

I have 8 of the arcopal bowls. Exact match on the pattern. Wouk u like them?

AVVAChapter1020 said...

Hi, I love your blog and love the wish list, I collect and sometimes sell vintage and antique, mostly costume jewelry and household decoratives. I see your wish for the Antique Swan Salt Cellar. I have the one in your photo and the mate, they are listed on eBay right now but I also post them on my facebook locally. If interested let me know at raanderson08@q.com or on your blog. Thanks!
BTW, they are antique approx. 1900 my male swan is marked Italy, the Mate is not though more ornate. I believe mine were sold by Spritzer & Furhmann Jewellers in the early 1900's.

Anonymous said...

If you still want the mini Fed Glass pitcher I have one I can post to my ETSY shop. $12 plus shipping. Message me through www.lovethataccent.etsy.com