Waiting for the weekend....

We spend half of our life wishing it away, don't we. Every Monday, we drag ourselves out of bed and head off to our work day....whether it is on the job or at home with the laundry and housekeeping. We look forward to Wednesday since we know that we will be over the hump. Come Thursday, we can't wait for 5:00 Friday to get here. Then we cram all the fun and excitement we can into two days and start all over on Monday, waiting for the weekend to get here.

But you know what? It's kind of fun to have something to look forward to, isn't it. If you are like me, you usually have something going on every weekend. It's supposed to be for relaxing but I don't like to take the time to relax when I could be having fun or doing something cool.

This weekend, I get to keep my littlest grandson all day Saturday. He is such a happy baby and when he smiles those two new teeth are just adorable. Saturday night will be a birthday party for the second grandson. He just turned 8 and we are going to celebrate at Mr. Gatti's for pizza and games.

Sunday will begin a week of exhausting fun. Vacation Bible School. The Big Apple Adventure. Nightly dinners served in the fellowship hall. I'll be fixing a dessert each day to take to help out. The "train" will be running for the kids to ride. There will be Snow Cones and Popcorn and Lemonade. I am helping with Pre-K crafts and music. We will have three 20 minute classes. It's always a blast.

So even though I'll have to work every day next week, it will be like a "daily" weekend because I get to have fun every night. Wait a minute? Did I say fun? Yes, I consider it fun to work with over 60 kids a night from the 4-5 year age group. I either love children or I've not got a lick of sense. Haven't figured out which one yet.

Bring on the weekend and let's get the show on the road.

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