The birthday party....

Why is it when you pick up a camera, aim and shoot, children think they have to make funny faces? Three of my beautiful grandchildren....Caleb, Shelby, Alexis. These are their new "cheese" faces. 
Garret is in his "Bet you can't make me smile" stage. He can be laughing and not even noticing I have a camera, but the minute I click he can put on a serious face without batting an eye. The minute I snap, he's back to his laughing.
Colby is still at that "Cheese? What's cheese?" stage where he could not care less about the camera. I've learned to just get what I can. He was so entranced with the party that I could not get his attention. Of course, you will notice I made sure I got one while he has on his "I love my Grandma" bib. 
I did get a good picture of the birthday boy, Caleb. He's 8 years old now. He's already counting the days until he turns 9 so he can ride in the front seat of a car. It's his big dream at the moment.
He finally got the Lego Semi Truck he's been wanting for three months!
My 12 year old grandson Garret (3rd boy from the right) had a great time hanging out with the Tweens & Teens
This is a little blurry, but these are my two beautiful princesses. They are watching a group of high school girls playing Guitar Hero. They were entranced.
 It was a wonderful party and topped off an awesome day. Stay tuned tomorrow for my adventure at the new Donna Sharp Outlet Saturday morning.

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Beth said...

Your grandchildren are adorable.