My week in review.....

I am so proud of myself. I caught a cricket yesterday and turned him loose. Now for some that is no biggy, but for someone who freaks out if a fly gets in the house, catching a cricket all by myself is big news. I am not a bug lover by far and I know they serve their purpose, but give me a break. A cricket. In my house. Yikes! Hubby grilled out the night before and had left the door open so I'm guessing that's how Mr. Cricket got in. Just glad the ordeal is over. My daughter probably is too since I was on the phone with her discussing the best way to catch a cricket and every time he jumped/hopped (whatever crickets do), I would scream in her ear. But it had a happy ending. I scooped him up in a mason jar and took him out back (waaay out back) and let him lose. Now, keep in mind, I never actually touched the cricket but after it was all over, I know I washed my hands about 4 times with Lemon Anti-Bacterial Kitchen soap AND I threw the mason jar away. (Note: No crickets were harmed in the making of this message)
 School started back Wednesday for all the kids in our county. My 8 year old grandson informed me, he liked his teacher. Then he said "Really, I do like her, but...." The "but" was since it was the first day back she let them go outside for an hour or more in the afternoon when it was hot. He then told me that he got so hot, he wished he could take his shirt off. Then, laughingly, he said "Who am I kidding, I was so hot I was even thinking of taking my underwear and pants off, too." Oh, that poor teacher. She has a LONG year ahead of her.
Donna Sharp Handbags are trying to get to 2000 "Likes" on Facebook. You can click here to like them. I am a huge Donna Sharp fan and have been "liking" their page for several months. Now here is one of those "that doesn't make sense" things to me. They have 1966 fans. They want 2000. They put on their page "tell your friends to like us and the 2000th person that likes us will get a free purse from the new fall pattern and the person that recommended they like us will get a free one as well." Let's think this through. You tell everybody you want 2000 fans. You tell everybody the 2000th fan and the one who recommended them will receive a free purse. Not that I'm a genius or anything, but wouldn't everybody just set and wait until they get to 1999 before clicking "like" so they could win? And if that's the case, how are you going to get to 1999 if everybody waits so they can have a shot at being the 2000th. Just sayin....
Okay, this has to win funniest story of the week in my life this week. Went to the grocery store yesterday and stopped by a friend's house. She is my son-in-law's mom and keeps two of my grandchildren. My 3 year old granddaughter wanted to ride to the store with me (it's less than a half a block away) so I let her. I had to get toilet tissue. As I'm standing there reaching for my brand, she spots the Cottonelle brand which features a puppy playing with the toilet paper. Without missing a beat, she picks up the package and says "Look, they got doggie toilet paper. I'm getting some for Spikey Boy." Yeah, kind of had to explain why doggies don't need toilet paper. She was not a happy camper that I made her put it back. She is now stressing about what Spikey Boy will do when he has to, well, you know, being 3, she just blurted it out....poop. (please excuse me for that, but the story loses some of it's humor if you don't tell it the right way.)
It's been a fantastic week in my neck of the woods. I had a situation from several months ago on my mind that has been weighing me down for a while now. It was so upsetting because an incident happened and both parties just walked away from it. There was no closure. But due to God's divine plan, we both made an approach to resolving the issue. After a few emails back and forth, things are right and hearts are mended. It feels so good to get closure and to realize that the mountains that we think are insurmountable are just little sand hills when you let God do the walking. Thanks to my friend for reaching out half way and thanks to God for helping me to reach the other half.
Very excited because our church WMU is going to be participating in organizing the church for the Operation Christmas Child, the Shoebox ministry program with Samaritan's Purse. Our stuff came in yesterday and I picked up the materials so I could get them ready to be handed out. I love when we get new projects that have such an impact.
 Happy to say that my Thirty-One orders are almost all in from my party Saturday. I was blessed to have a good turn-out. I had a wish list of what I wanted and am happy to say that I was able to get every single thing on my list ($90.00 worth of new stuff) for FREE so far. Still a few orders to arrive. When everything comes in, I'll show you what all I got. I'm so excited. You know I love my Thirty-One stuff.

Well, that's my week in review. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Norma said...

Let me top off your week!
Thursday morning I had the best hot buttered biscuits with homemade apple butter that I had in years. I just had to have it again this morning. Thanks to you, Ms Bee.

Linda said...

Loved the doggy toilet paper story! Kids are so cute! And marketers are so smart to appeal to kids like that!

I have a new thirty one purse...and haven't used it yet. I have a niece who sells it. Cute stuff.

Have a fun Saturday!


Linda said...

Oh...and I forgot to comment on the cricket story! I can so relate...I scream every time I try to catch, or kill a bug or spider. But crickets jump and it always scares me!

Good job for capturing it.

I'd much rather capture it than squish it...cuz they are so "crunchy"...it gives me the willies!