Waiting on Wonderland....

Sun Rays through clouds no25612
According to the dictionary, Wonderland is a land or place full of wonderful things. I find myself waiting on Wonderland, wishing for a better world, hoping for a perfect peace, longing for lasting euphoria. But not everything can be ordered to specification. Not everything in this world is perfect and just.

Yet we must strive daily to reach that land full of all things bright and beautiful. We must keep the hope that a better day awaits us. We must believe in our dreams and reach for the stars. We need to keep our head up, our hopes alive and our faith firm.

One day, through the Grace of God, we will reach our own Wonderland. Oh the joy we shall behold when we enter that city. No more pain or sickness. No more grief or strife. Hearts will not be broken; tears will never fall.

Oh, yes, Wonderland is real. It exists. We call it heaven and it will be well worth the wait.

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