Welcome Weekend with a nature walk...

That just about says it all. It's been a long week...or seems like it to me. I feel like I've been chained to my desk most of the week. And when I wasn't at my desk, I was either running errands in the hot city or organizing closets. It's just been a full week.
I do not like going into the city. I hate the heat that comes up from the sidewalks. I don't like the traffic or the hubbub going on. I'm a country girl and always will be. But I spend so much time in "civilization" any more that I'm worried about losing my country roots. So I tested it earlier.

I took a break and walked out back to the river...barefoot...no shoes or flip flops...just me and Mother Nature. And I made it. No pain, no agony, no "ow-ow-ow". Just a normal walk as if my feet were fully sheathed.
 Apparently I wear too many flip flops. Checkout the tan lines. Oops, need a pedi tonight. Excuse the fading polish. My little old size 5 1/2's look like they are getting chubby. Can I call it swollen?
There appears to be a storm brewing so I walked down to the river. I think the French Broad River is one of the prettiest rivers I've ever seen. Especially when they have let water out of the lake to rise her to full tide. 
 Check out the cute little orange flowers that are growing out of the rock on the bank. Just one little plant. You never know what you will find when you search in nature.
 The wind started whipping up pretty good while I was down at the river.
 I could take a lawn chair and sit under the leaves of the willow tree for hours when the weather is like this. Of course, with there being a chance of lightning, a metal lawn chair....under a tree....during a storm? Maybe not one of my better ideas.
 Remember my flowers that I didn't plant this year, but they came up about a month or so ago. Well, not only do I have yellow ones, but I have a pink one as well. I'm not touching them for fear I'll kill them.

In a neighboring pot, a lone tomato plant sprung from nowhere. Tonight I saw 3 fuzzies little pods where it is getting ready to bloom. Who knew we had such green thumbs that we could grow without even planting!

I want to leave you with a very important message I received in an email the other day:

WARNING! If you receive an email from someone about meat coming in a can.....Don't open it....It's SPAM!  That one just cracked me up so I had to share it.

Love and happiness to you all for a great weekend!


Beth said...

The volunteer flowers you have are moss rose. They are lovely. The seeds are so tiny they get blown in the wind and may pop up anywhere.

Rachel said...

Love the nature walk! Love the country!