Do you recall.....

Every once in awhile, my sweet tooth gets the better of me and I have a craving. For what, I can't figure out. Although, I love Hershey Bars and Milky Ways, I long for some of those old time favorites that can longer be found. I scoured the internet to see if any of my old "friends" are still around. Some are; some aren't. But here are some of my old favorites that I wish I could run out to the corner store and buy some.

You can still find Smoothie's and Mallo Cups. But it is rare. They are not much bigger than a 50 cent piece now. They still have the "points" in them. Except instead of saving the for gifts or a case of candy bars, you now save them up and send them in to get a $1.00 coupon off a new package. So let's see, I have to buy a stamp, an envelope and spend gas to go the post office, just to get a coupon back for $1.00. I'm thinking.....no. But I will still eat the candy bars. I love them.
This was one of my favorites. I've never had anything that even remotely resembles it in flavor. It was just chocolate covered caramel with peanuts in it. I can close my eyes and taste it now.
Another one from the Hollywood Candy Company that I loved way back when, was the Milkshake candy bar. It was similar to a Milky Way, but the nougat was more of a malted milk taste to it. Delicious.
Another favorite from days gone by is Charles Chips. Of course, we always called them "Charlie's" chips. They were delivered by truck, just like milk and eggs were back then. Mamaw Eden always had a delivery. Some Cracker Barrels are carrying them now. I bought some not to long ago. All I can say is, sometimes it is better if we go on memory instead of being able to taste the real thing. Not sure what the attraction was. Must have been the collectible can because the flavor sure didn't do anything for me.

I can still be found sipping on Pixy Stix or munching on Sweetarts. Somethings just never go out of style. I occasionally have a Necco wafer or Sugar Babies as well.
And I loved, loved, loved Hot Dog Bubble Gum. I found some at a nostalgia candy store not too long ago and you would have thought I won the lottery. I was so excited.
Flavors and fragrances can take us back in time to a simper way of life; a peaceful existance; a time when worries were far away. To this day, if I'm feeling stressed, I can pop in a piece of Bazooka bubble gum and blow bubbles to help blow my stress away.

What are some of YOUR favorite blasts from the past?


Norma said...

You never fail to bring back memories. Everything I go to Cracker Barrel I check to see what old candies I can see. Got to go see what Piggy and Wiggy has for today.

Tiffanie said...

Cute post! I love all the yummy candys they have at Cracker Barrel. They also have cute little odds and ends for the house too! Your description of the Milkshake Bar makes my mouth water. I wish it was still around so I could taste it! :)

Becky Jane said...

One of my favorites which are extinct is the Idaho Spud candy bar...shaped like a potato with a marshmallow inside and chocolate covering! YUM!


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