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I am wondering how many adults out there who no longer have kids at home actually dress up for Halloween. I have longed for those days when it was okay to put on a costume or portray a new look for the holiday. I would love to be Morticia Addams...just for one night. Of course, I'd have to lose quite a few pounds, grow a lot taller, lose the curly hair, grow it long and die it black. So, forget the Morticia Addams dream.
Since I have become an adult, I have dressed for Halloween on a couple of different jobs I worked at. We normally had a theme. I remember one year, our theme was Pajama Party and everybody had to wear their favorite flannel p.j.'s and house shoes. My house shoes were a pair of fuzzy Pekingese House slippers that looked exactly like the little puppy above. We were scheduled to have a finance meeting that day. I was in with the boss for the meeting. As I sat there taking notes, I noticed he kept getting distracted. Finally, he laughed and said "Let's reschedule for Monday. I can't have a serious discussion with you while you have those hideous things on your feet." We adjourned.

My sister and I have started a new blog together. Stop by and follow us at Piggy and Wiggy's Place. Yes, there is story behind the name, but you can read all about it on our blog. We will be using this blog as a place to feature good deals we find, thrifty treasures, crafts we make, trips we take, home decor and new recipes we try.

When you visit Piggy and Wiggy's Place, check out our Pampered Chef giveaway that ends on October 14th. Some neat little accessories to make your holiday baking easier.

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Tiffanie said...

Love this! I laughed out loud about your slippers story! I'm gonna go check out your other blog.