Wednesday Hodge Podge

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1. How do you typically react in a sudden, extreme, pressure-filled crisis? Would we want you nearby in an emergency?
That depends on if you are family. I am one of those “calm, in control during a crisis” people….unless it is a close family member. One time my daughter slipped in the rain and fell down about 5 steps on her back. I was waiting on her to get in the car and I jumped out and ran to her. She was gasping for air and saying she couldn’t breathe. I freaked out and didn’t know what to do. My grandson, who was 7 at the time, told me to “Calm down. My Daddy who is a firefighter said to stay calm in an emergency.” He started talking to her to calm her down and fortunately her brother-in-law, who is also a fireman, just happened up the road and we flagged him down. She was just winded, but did break a couple of ribs. But I learned that day that I am NOT as calm in a crisis when its family.
2. Caramel apple-caramel sundae-caramel corn-caramel macchiato...of the four, which caramel treat would you choose?
Oh, is there any doubt. Any decision that involves ice cream is a no brainer for me. The caramel sundae it would be. I love ice cream. It is a breakfast food, a lunch food, a supper food and a dessert….ice cream can be any meal you want it to be.
3. Is there such a thing as destiny? Explain.
I’m not sure I would call it destiny. I believe God has a very clearly defined plan for our lives. If we follow His course and allow him to lead the way, then yes, I do believe in destiny. However, let me add that we are not perfect and we don’t always make the right decisions that God wants us to make. I think He places road blocks in our paths so we are forced to make a decision on which road to choose. But I’m pretty sure we don’t always choose the road he wants us to take. But when we do take the right path and things work out according to His plan, then I do believe that the end result was the destiny He had planned for our lives.
4. What's your favorite piece of furniture? I'm referring to something currently in your possession as opposed to something on your wish list.
That is a hard one. But if I have to choose just one piece, I would have to say my antique secretary. I love it. We had been on vacation and came home from Greenville, SC to Sevierville, TN up country roads the whole way, just looking for antique stores. We had taken the truck on the trip in case we saw something we liked. On one stretch of road, there was nothing but trees and more trees when tucked onto the side of the road was a little antique store. They had this beautiful secretary for just $25.00. I had always wanted one so we snatched it up in a heart beat. (this is not mine...it's not at the new place yet, but this what it looks like)

5. Wednesday night marks the start of the 2011 Baseball World Series. Did you know? Do you care? Will you be watching? Ever been to a professional baseball game? If you're not an American do you find the title 'World Series' annoying or amusing?
Let me sum of my answer to this one…..Is it STILL baseball season? Guess you can tell I don’t follow baseball. Now, when it is my grandson or my granddaughter who are playing, that’s a different story. I love going to their games and watching them play. But watching major league ball on TV is not my style. We have a minor league team in town and I used to go to one or two of those games a year, but it’s been a while since I’ve went.
 6. One sound that takes me back to my childhood is ____________.
Without a doubt, a train whistle does it for me. We grew up about ½ mile from the local C & O yard. Train tracks wound around through our little town. You could hear their long, lonesome whine as they came through the yards and the crossings in town. Every time I hear that sound, I go back in time.
7. On average, once you've linked your hodgepodge post to mine how many other participant blogs do you visit? Do you ever come back to the Hodgepodge later in the day or even the day after to read posts?

It varies depending on my schedule. As soon as I hook up, I try to visit at least 4 or 5. Then I will come back later that night or sometimes even a day or two later. I already follow some of the participants so I automatically get their posts in my Google reader. But I love reading what everybody’s answers are so I try to come back as often as possible to read as many as I can.
 8. Insert your own random thought here.

Just let me say, I am so tired of unpacking. I just want to wave a magic wand and have all the items in the new place put exactly where I want them to go. We are about to get it all completed. But 30 years of marriage should results in a lot of “stuff”. I kept a few empty boxes and decided now was a good time to put stuff aside for a giant yard sale. You know, all that stuff you get so tired of and you just want to replace it with something new. Well, I have unpacked about 2/3’s of my décor and knick knacks. So far, the empty boxes contain one shower curtain (doesn’t fit the new décor) and one set of shower curtain hooks. That’s it. I have found nothing else I feel I can part with yet. I’m guessing Thrift store donation instead of huge yard sale. Unless someone local is in need of a like-new shower curtain that has birdhouses, flowers and butterflies on it with hooks to match.

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Tammy Doane said...

I live close to a train and I hear the whistle constantly-seems so sad now that the weather is turning cooler. Hope you get to rest soon after unpacking.