What I found at the 9 mile yard sale.....

Saturday we went to the 9 mile yard sale. My daughter picked up several bargains. She even found Shelby a Barbie riding toy for only $2.00. But I didn't fare as well as I had hoped. I found curtains I loved....but wrong size. I found baskets like I wanted but they were more expensive than brand new ones. Saw some cute glassware, but nothing that screamed "buy me". I was getting discouraged.

And then, in the middle of a long wooden table, sitting all alone I found my bargain of the day.

This beautiful teapot...

I love anything that has flowers and butterflies on it. Always have; always will. I especially loved the butterfly on the lid. She is so exquisite and detailed.

Add to that, the colors match my living room furniture so well.

It's like it was made especially for me. I gently picked it up and examined every little detail. No nicks, no scratches, no chips, no color fading, nothing. It was in pristeen condition. It looked 100% brand new. I looked at the lady and asked how much. I held my breath. I would have paid as much as $15.00. I loved it that much and I knew that brand new teapots in this condition start at $29.00. So she opened her mouth to speak and I know mine dropped open when she said "$3.00". Oh my gosh! You have got to be kidding me." I don't think I have ever whipped out my money so fast in my life. I grabbed this baby up right then.

She didn't have any bags (who has a yard sale with no bags???). Anyway, I didn't want the butterfly to get broke so I borrowed one of my granddaughters pull-ups and wrapped the lid in it and put it in her stroller basket. We made it home with no mishaps. I can't quit looking at it. I'm so excited. It always makes my weekend when I get a great find like this. 


Tiffanie said...

The pot is super cute and that's so awesome that it matches your couch!

Norma said...

What a bargain. It is beautiful.