When to say goodbye....

I am a "stuff" collector. I have items that I have kept for 30 years since I first started housekeeping. These are items that have been unpacked, looked over, and packed back up for more years than I care to count.....simply because I thought I might use them or set them out for display sometime in the future.

Some of these things have sentimental value and others....don't. They are just dust collectors or in this case "closet consumers". They just stay in Rubbermaid containers in a box in the closet. Taking up precious room that could be used for craft materials.

So as I have been unpacking this week, I have been very methodical in deciding "Do I really need to keep this just to store it?" .... "What are the chances I will ever use it or display it again?" .... "Does it have any sentimental value whatsoever or am I just afraid to get rid of it?"

I have been surprised at how much I realize I can let go. I am surprised at the items that I "just had" to start collecting that I don't even care for now and have nowhere to put them.

I'm stock piling for a yard sale. I should be done today with all the unpacking and I have numerous boxes of goodies that will go fast at a yard sale. Friday, the temperature is climbing back up to 62, so I think I'll set out a few tables and sell a some things before I change my mind. A few of the items are things I just had to have and now I don't know why.

Somethings I look at and wonder why I ever bought it in the first place. For example, we have a cookbook for Fish & Shellfish recipes. We are not big fish eaters. On the rare occasion we want fish, it is just the frozen kind that is breaded. So why in the world did I ever buy a fish cookbook? See what I mean, I collect stuff that I don't have any need for whatsoever.

I couldn't resist these pillows from Donna Sharp at only $5.00 each, but now I changed out some furniture and no longer have the couch they graced so I don't have a need for them any more.

I loved this little shelf when I bought it, but I never was happy with how it went in the kitchen and never could quite figure out what to display on it to make it "work" so I've decided to just get rid of it.

I adored my birdhouse/flower bathroom at the old place, but I'm just not "feeling" it in the new bathroom. So I'm switching decor in there.

So you can see what I mean. I'm settling in the new place for the long haul and I don't see any need for some of the things I used before. Can't wait to finish unpacking today to see what gets to stay and what is destined for a thrifty bargain tomorrow.

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Kathi said...

Thank you so much for your inspiring words...you made me feel so much better...I appreciate your kind thoughts for me...now following you.....have a great weekend...