I love $1.00 deals....

Yesterday, I picked up a great little bargain.

A friend of mine posted a neat little planner she picked up at the Dollar Tree for just, you guessed it $1.00.

Visit Wise Old Owl Designs to see her post.

I was headed in that direction and I had already been looking around for inexpensive planners for 2012 so I decided to trek on over to the Dollar Tree. I picked me up 2 of the planners. I got the floral design since I love flowers so much. I got one for my office and one for my personal stuff.

But what I really love about them is the fact that you put the month and the day on them yourself. I may go back and get a couple more to put up in reserve for 2013. I also love the fact that they are spiral bound which makes them easy to lay flat.

In addition, they have a section for telephone numbers.

And one for Notes.

I guess you can tell I'm very happy with my new little planners. Thanks to Ms. Debbie at Wise Old Owl Designs for sharing this find with us. This is one of the reasons we all love to blog....the sharing of bargains!

Plus while I was there, I found several great stocking stuffers for my Mom and Hubby. All in all a great day to shop.


Deb said...

Thanks so much for the "shout out", Ms. Brenda. I haven't even opened mine up to see all the details you shared....I was just excited about the owls!!! ;-) Glad you found some that you like, too!!!

Rachel said...

I love the Dollar Tree! I bought most of the party stuff for last saturday there. They have some really neat stuff. And cheap! I really like the little planners!