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I love that moment when you get up on Christmas morning and you see Santa has stopped by. I love being the only one up and turning on the tree lights and just basking in the moment, letting memories of Christmas past wash over me. The kids are grown and gone. I'm no longer that little girl of Christmas past. But for those few moments in time, I pull out my memories and treasure each one. Each Christmas brings new memories.

Check out my new slipper socks from the kids. They are so warm and comfy. Blends right in with the decor.

We had two new desserts this year. My daughter made an Oreo pie that was absolutely delicious. I think next year she may have to bring 2 of them. One for Garret and one for everybody else. He loved it. My daughter-in-law made a Butterfinger cake that was a big hit as well. I'm going to have to try to make it. I had to keep a piece of each one to savor again on Christmas day.

Since the move, I have been looking for something as a centerpiece for my coffee table that didn't set too high. I got this lovely basket from my son's family for Christmas.

I replaced an old centerpiece I have been using at Christmas for many years and it had seen better days. I love this new look. The basket goes very well on the runner my mom made me. 

After Christmas, Mom is going to make me a new runner to compliment the liner of the basket and I'm going to store the snowmen lid until each Christmas, but leave the basket out year round. I think I'll get a couple of candles to go on either side of it. I'm heading to Joanne's this weekend to look at material for the new runner. 

My daughter knows I love anything that has to do with faith. Her family got me these two unique items to put in my home office. I love them.

Hubby did very well in the gift giving process this year. Actually, he always does a good job. My two favorites this year were a bracelet and a purse that I loved. The bracelet is gorgeous. I can't wait to wear it.

I was shocked since he never gets me purses because he doesn't have a clue what I would like. My moods vary. I think my daughter had a hand in helping pick it out. I am on this Fair Isle pattern kick. She must have pointed him in this direction because the purse is absolutely perfect for me.

What were some of your favorite gifts this Christmas?

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Leslie said...

I love those moments of reflection too. This time of year, when it is quiet and pretty..I like to think that my family who have passed are here with me.

My favorite gift is the one that I bought myself ..from Paul, the one I am using now to read my favorite blogs.. the kindle fire. I bougt one for each daughter but decided to get my youngest a laptop instead...so I kept this one. Now Paul wants one too. Its pretty cool.