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I am like a little kid hyped up on sugar on Christmas eve. I love the excitement of this time of year. I have so much to do today. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. Country music stars are singing Christmas carols on my CD player and I have lots of baking to do today and presents to finish wrapping. It will be a festive day around here. I'm taking a four day weekend to enjoy the holiday. I love time off.


I don't ask for "big stuff" for Christmas. You know, nothing high end. We don't do credit cards for Christmas shopping. We believe in pay as we go. That way we have no big surprises come January.

Come January this year, we are making a couple of purchases though. We hope to take advantage of some good January clearance sales. We are going to get a new TV since the old one died. I'm really excited about having a flat screen. I was so over the huge floor model big screen after having it 19 years. I've been looking and am overwhelmed with the choices. Next week will be research week, but I know I'd like one that looks similar to this design if possible. I like the actual screen being close to the little stand instead of being a taller stand.
I love shopping and looking at all the options out there. Since the last TV was self-contained, we are going to need to buy a nice bookcase, stand or entertainment piece for the new TV to set in or on. I've done a little bit of looking for this. Not sure what I want. I like the looks of this one. It matches my coffee table and end table.

Home Styles Country Casual Wood TV Stand in Distressed Oak Finish

I've been saving my birthday money and a Visa gift card I got so I can get me an e-reader. I've been doing the research and am still torn. I know I am going with Kindle. It's just a toss up between the Kindle Touch or the Kindle Fire. I just haven't had time to explore it really good so I'll be doing that next week. I love the thought of the Fire if I understand properly what all it does. I'll have to ask my daughter-in-law's opinion. She's my electronics expert. But I think I'm leaning toward the Fire. I actually held one in my hand yesterday and it was love at first site.

We were at the mall the other day and I noticed a Vera Bradley purse in a display case. I had not seen this pattern before. I'm normally a Donna Sharp person, but I love all quilted purses. But this Vera Bradley really caught my eye. I fell in love with it. May have to check into it later on. They even have it in an e-reader case.
Well, if I'm going to accomplish all this baking and gift wrapping today, I guess I'd better quit "window" shopping on the Internet and get busy.

Hope you get everything done today that you need to accomplish. Have a Merry Christmas!

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