Picture Perfect Christmas

What makes a picture perfect Christmas? Getting pictures of your grandchildren. Doesn't matter if they are professional. Doesn't matter if they are perfectly posed. All that matters is that you capture their joy and happiness on film to keep the moments forever. Here are my babies.

The gang
(top l-r Caleb, Colby, Garret)
(bottom l-r Alexis, Shelby)

Mamaw's girls

Colby had gotten in trouble and apparently this is how he pouts. He is so adorable.

Shelby loving on her big brother....whether he wants it or not.

Garret, my oldest grandchild. I can't believe he is nearing teenage years. He is gettng so handsome.

These two were inseparable Saturday. They built a tent in the play room and played house...trying to hide from Colby.

Not sure what was going through her mind. She was so over the waiting and just wanted to open presents.

My son with his sons and my daughter with her daughter. I think Caleb must have grabbed the camera for this one. Looks like Diana is having to restrain Garret to keep him from escaping.

We had a wonderful evening.


Leslie said...

What a darling family. Merry Christmas.

Beth said...

What a perfect day!

Rachel said...

Great pics of the kids!