The problem with winter....

Here we are only days away from Christmas. Winter hasn't even officially started. There is a good four months left of cold then cool whether. Yet, I am already lamenting the fact that flip flop season has been over for three months.

Although, I must admit that a warm spell came through here a few weeks back and the temp climbed to the high 60's. I did drag out a pair of my trusty flops and headed to the grocery store in them.

It felt so good and it really made me happy to break out the flops for a few hours and relive the warm feeling of summertime.
But alas the cold has returned and we set here with frosted car windows to clean each morning.

But as much as I love flip flops, I do love some things about winter. If it is going to be cold and I don't have anywhere to go, I would love to see some beautiful snow on the ground. Nothing too treacherous, just some soft white covering the ground and me setting inside with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.

I do love my change of seasons and winter is one of my favorites (of course I say that about every season). If I could order a perfect winter, I would wish for a light dusting on Christmas morning, but clear roads. I would wish for snowy weekends in January, but not large accumulations. I would like to have one deep snow that closes the whole county so nobody has to go to work for a day or two. But then I want it all to be over by February and the temps to start climbing daily. We normally still have cold in February, but I remember one year around the 20th of February the temps climbed to 70 degrees. It was awesome. Oh well, a girl can dream.


Monster Mom said...

Yea, I totally hate the cold. Burrrrr. But I wear my flip flops all year, mostly because I wear them as house slippers, and after getting everyone else ready to go, I forget to put real shoes on. On a totally unrelated note, I love your awesome blog design!!! The Santa's Sleigh at the top is just fantastic! BTW, thanks for stopping by Mommy Loves Her Monsters today!

Tammy Doane said...

I like my four seasons, too. Right now, the temp is in the 60's-very warm for us this time of year. Wishing for some cooler weather and a little snow.