So confusing....

I am not normally a person who gets confused easily. I have good common sense and an IQ of 142. I can tackle any problem or situation and come up with a good solution. I have a good knowledge of electronics and computers and have no trouble figuring out how they work.

But I absolutely, positively get lost with Pinterest. I love going on there, but I get on info overload every time I do. I'm not sure what the purpose is. I have trouble figuring out what to look for. I don't know what to do with it after I pin items. I have one follower and don't follow anyone because I'm not sure how to find out who is on there and why we need to link up together.

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I have two boards with 7 items on one and 5 items on the other. The problem is everything was on one board and I split it up to move some of the items to the second board and ended up with 12 items total, but 5 of them are duplicates from the first board. I'll have to figure out how to delete or move or somehting to get this mess straightened up before I go on.

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I am still not sure why I am doing this or what I am supposed to do with it later. I have been on it for about 3 months and never think to go on there. But I am seeing things I would either like to make or purchase.

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Maybe one of these days somebody can tell me what the purpose of the site is. Or I will at least get the time to go on a really get into it and figure it out. If anybody has any good tips for me on Pinterest and its purpose, I would appreciate a comment.

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