Some stuff for Wednesday....

I went last night to my oldest granddaughter's school Christmas program. It was a really cute program. The kids had a blast doing it, you could tell. The little girl above with the pony tail in the black and white dress is my granddaughter, Alexis. She looked so pretty. She was so animated when it was her groups turn to sing. I really enjoy these kind of moments.

 When will I learn to quit procrastinating. This past week we had temperatures as high as 72....in December....in Tennessee. That is unheard of. It was beautiful. Did I do anything spectacular to celebrate the warm weather? Did I catch up on anything outdoors that I needed to do? No, I, in my great wisdom, scheduled today to meet with my Pastor to go layout the lineup program for our Community Parade this Saturday night. We need to go to the "meeting" site and decide who will go where to be pulled out and put in line so we can be organized.


I thought of our need to do this when we were having beautiful weather, but decided to wait until later. Well, because of my schedule the rest of the week, I need to go today. And how is our weather today? Pouring the rain. I mean torrential downpour. Rain so hard it sounds like it is going to beat the roof off. Lovely. This should make it SOOOO much easier to plan a parade layout...in the RAIN! When will I ever learn.

I've been picking up a few presents here and there. I started this morning putting the ones that needed gift boxed in a box. Guess I need to start wrapping before somebody sees something they shouldn't.

I guess I probably should maybe, kinda, sorta actually start my wish list for Santa. Every year, I usually have the list started before Black Friday. Here we are December 7th and I don't have a clue. Not to mention my hubby keeps asking what I want for my birthday next week. Again, no clue. This is so not me. I usually see so much I want that it is hard to narrow it down. But as you can see, my list is blank. I am tossing some ideas around.

I know I want a pretty silver and gold bracelet. One that is stretchy. I love those kind because they fit my skinny wrist better than the ones that hook on. I want one that has links if Hubby can find it. That's the main thing on my wish list.

And it is NOT Christmas unless I have new jammies to put on after my bath that night. I love flannel and fleece, but this year I am more in a fleece mode. And the wilder the bottoms, the better. I love character p.j.'s. Not sure why, but I do.

1225 Christmas Tree Lane

And I just have to have a new book to read on Christmas day so I'm sure I'll ask for Debbie Macomber's new Christmas book, 1225 Christmas Tree Lane. It's the final one in her Cedar Cove series and I have read every single one of them so far.

And I would like a new pair of black dress pants for church. I have two pair and they are in pretty good shape, but I need something new. I also need some new ones in dark brown as well. (Oh, and Dear Santa, can you bring me a slim body like this to go along with the new pants.)

And I would love to have a couple of new sweaters. I'm into the wild patterns likes Fair Isle or Missoni. So if Santa could stick a couple of those under my tree, it would be awesome.

Candie's Boots
And I would love some new shoes to wear with jeans that are just slip on. I think that needs to be on my birthday list so I can pick them out myself. Hubby is an awesome shopper....except for shoes. We never agree on styles when it comes to shoes and having flat feet, I always need to try them on. But since he takes me shopping for my birthday, I think we will shoe shop this year.

See. This is why I LOVE blogging. Now, I have Christmas wish list for Santa.


Tammy Doane said...

Nothing is gives one a warm feeling than watching your grandchild perform in a Christmas Play.
I put off till the last minute. Weather here warm and now raining and cold.

Rachel said...

Alexis looks so cute. I need to go get Debbie Macomber's new book. I am so behind this year. I need to step it up. Have a good day!