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....Has anybody noticed how many wonderful blogs feature great finds, bargains, thrifty purchases? I love those posts. I love seeing the things people find at thrift stores and flea markets and watching what they do with them. I get some fabulous ideas from all my blogging buddies on how to incorporate the most unique items into home decor. Thanks again to my blogging friends for sharing your great finds.

(The Tattered Cottage)

.... Creations by Cindy has an awesome post today (well, actually she does everyday) but I love the one today because she is a woman after my own heart. She feels the same way I do "Valentine's is over, let's move onto St. Patrick's Day." I love St. Patrick's day. My ancestors are Irish. My great, great, great (I think it was 3 greats) grandfather Eden married a Clonch from Ireland and made their way to America and settled in West Virginia, which was still Virginia back then.

But my favorite reason I love St. Patrick's day is because my very first grandchild, Christian Garret, was born on St. Patrick's day. He's my very own special little leprechaun. That dear sweet baby stole my heart the moment I held him in my arms just moments after he was born. He will be a teenager next month and I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that my sweet baby grandson is not a baby anymore.

.... I read a wonderful blog this morning. Probably one of the best thought-out blogs I have ever read. It is posted at Home Stories A-Z and is about negative comments. I absolutely loved everything she had to say. She brought out some very valid thoughts in dealing with negative comments. I have been so blessed by having readers who are always positive and upbeat and leave me the kindest most sweetest comments. I love my readers, each and everyone, and appreciate all the wonderful comments I get.

....About mid-February, do you find yourself looking forward to spring? My daughter and I want to plan a shopping trip to Turkey Creek in Knoxville the last weekend of February. What do you think we are going shopping for? Well, to start looking at flip flops and spring clothes of course. Not to mention start getting some ideas for Easter Sunday outfits. I'm 55 and still think I need new shoes, new purse and a new outfit for Easter Sunday. I am such a girly-girl sometimes. I even buy new nail polish every Easter. 

Are you looking forward to spring?


Tiffanie said...

I love spring and I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to it!

Rachel said...

I am so ready for flip flop weather! Bring it on!

Becky Jane said...

I have a whole list of movies that I save to watch around St Patrick's Day! It's such a fun holiday! early on St Patrick's morning we deliver a box of Lucky Charms to our little neighbor kids with a note from the King of the Leprechauns!

Camille Griffiths said...

I can not wait for Spring!! We had a teasingly warm day today. And I love the thrift store too. I've had some great finds there. :)


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