The Cat's Meow....

I have loved cat's my whole life. I adore little kitty figurines to sneak into my decor. But I have never thought about cat's in the kitchen decor. My sister told me about this awesome blog called Farm Girl Pink . You should check it out. This past week, she did a post on Holt Howard Kitties. Now I had never heard of these but apparently they were all the rage in the 50's. She featured several of her items including a set of salt and pepper shakers. Aren't they cute?


I thought they were just precious. Then I was reading my daily blogs (I don't read a morning paper. I figure if anything newsworthy is going on somebody will blog, tweet or Facebook about it). One of the posts in my reader was from Pyrex Thrifter Sisters about a recent trip to Piccadilly Flea Market. She was pleased with a very rare find....Holt Howard salt and pepper shakers.

Do you see a pattern here? Well, the funny thing is when I went to the Heartland Antiques store this week, I was winding down my shopping and stopped to glance in one last case and look what was sitting there.

I think it is a sign that I need a set of these. This set was $20.00 so I decided to just admire them from afar.

I had sent my sister an email telling her I saw them in our favorite antique store. She called last night and we were on the phone laughing that something we had never heard of suddenly shows up three times in one week. We just couldn't believe that growing up in the 50's, we had never heard or seen these kitties. I was telling her that I just couldn't believe when I looked on the shelf and there sat the little salt and pepper kitties with the pink and blue neck scarves. My hubby chimes in with "Mom had a set of those. " Go figure!

Guess who may keep an eye out for a good deal on these little kitties. Lookout E-bay, here I come.

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Rachel said...

I have to have a set too! After all, they do match my pink and blue pyrex. Don't you agree? They will have a good home sitting between my turquoise pyrex bowl and my gooseberry pink pyrex bowl.