Fantastic Finds Friday

A friend asked me to run to a thrist store and an antique store Thursday. How could I say no? I'm glad I didn't. I got some great finds.
I fell in love with these crystal bowls. There was a set of three of them. Cost: $1.00 total for all three. Wow! That is around .33 cents each.

Found these little cups at the Thrift Store. They were $3.00 for the set. Not a bad price. Of course since they are red and white I had to get one set for me and one set for my sister. If not, she would have posted a comment telling me how good it would look in her kitchen. And since I love my big sister, I bought both cups. She is always so much fun to buy for.

Isn't this dish just adorable. I thought it would be cute to put in the beach room. The design color looks like it has sand flecks in it. I fell in love with it. Cost? Just $1.00. Wow.

But my favorite find of the day was just $2.00 at the antique store and I am absolutely loving it. It's not an antique because it is from Cracker Barrel. Doesn't matter, I love it anyway.

Not a bad day for $7.00 was it?


Creations By Cindy said...

Love all your find. Qhile on vacation this whole week I have stopped at every crook and cranny. Can't wait to share pictures from vacation and my eye candy! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Rachel said...

Great finds. I do love that red and white cup and saucer. Thanks, Sis!