Just move it in and move on...

When we moved into our new place back in October, my main goal was to get everything from the old place into some place in the new place.

We worked like maniacs to get it all put up, put out or put away. I was beyond thrilled with the results, until.........

Yes, I have finally figured out how to use that site and even have 18 friends following or pinning with me. But the down side????

I now want to redo soooo much of my home. But money wise, I'm going to have to wait. There is so much more we need before I can start any major redecorating. But I have a thought. That always scares my hubby when I start thinking because it usually means he gets some kind of chore out of the deal.

I have three rooms that I'm not really happy with now that I've been living here a few months. The major one is my office. It is such a hodge podge of collectibles. Tea sets, clowns, knick knacks, pictures, books, etc. It is feeling cluttered and the walls are closing in on me. I have valances on the windows that I don't like and the sun beats in on me starting every day around 1:00 giving me a headache and burning me up...even with the blinds closed.

My dear friend Sherrie gave me a beautiful pair of blue lined drapes for the windows. They are gorgeous. That was it. Now I'm in the mood to redo my office. I collect Emmett Kelly clowns and every time I mention packing them up, hubby reminds me of the sentimental value of them. Okay, I know I am sentimental about them, but can't I be sentimental while they are in a box in the closet?

These are just a few of them on one of the shelves. See what I mean? CLUTTERED. Oh my, I just had a thought. Hmmm, it involves my antique secretary hutch and my bedroom decor. I may be onto an idea here. I will ponder and let you know more about this later.

So I think this weekend after my Thirty One party, I will box up and pack away some of the items in the office/craft room so I can begin redecorating and reorganizing.

As you recall, I am looking for a bigger desk. Well it dawned on me this morning, that the desk my hubby uses looks bigger than my desk in my office. Hmmm? Do you think I can talk him into trading? Considering he will have to be the one to move it. I'll have to think that through.

Anyway, I'm going to start "shopping" my house to see what might work better somewhere else and make me happier with everything.

I'll be sure to take some before and after pictures for you as thing progress. Hope everybody has a great weekend. 


Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

Pinterest - it's awesome, and paralizing as well... So many ideas, and then I waste more time looking at stuff than actually doing anything! LOL

Tiffanie said...


I totally agree! I want to redo my WHOLE house because of Pinterest. I am slowly redecorating room by room.

Creations By Cindy said...

The problem I have is it would take me the rest of my life to re-do with what I have seen on Pinterest! My mercy...Love that place!Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Becky Jane said...

What if you divided your collectibles to go with the seasons. Just divided your collectables in to 4 different piles and box 3 sets away. As the seasons changes you'll have a whole new set of collectables to enjoy for the next 3 months! I actually did this with my kids toys and found it worked great!