A little flu bug....

I keep talking to or reading blogs from people who have been caught by that nasty Flu Bug. I understand this one can really bring you down. I feel for the mothers who have to watch their babies fight this nasty monster. I had it a few months ago. I don't usually let things keep me down. I am usually so hyperactive and always on the go that it really takes something for me to slow down. But Mr. Flu Bug sure knocked me for a loop.

I was reading about a dear Mom whose children are really sick this past week and my heart went out to her. But it brought back a really special memory of my childhood.

I guess I would have been about 7, Rachel around 8 and Jack around 5. This was back before Andy was born. We had one huge room on the house at that time that was a bedroom for all three of us. Jack had a twin bed on one side of the room and me and Rachel had a full size bed on the other side. We had all been sick with the flu when Mom started coming down with a touch of it. Daddy was at work all day so I am sure it was pretty rough on her. I remember she took us to Dr. Sadler and he noticed she wasn't feeling well either so he gave her some medicine too and urged her to get some rest. I remember him saying "Who will take care of the kids if you get sick, too."

So we came home, took our medicine and were scurried off to bed. Mom was going to lay on the couch for a little while and try to get some rest. I can remember her words very specifically....

"I am going to lay down a little while and I do not want any of you to get off those beds. Lay down and stay on the bed. I don't want to hear any feet hit the floor. Stay in the beds!"

Well, now, Rachel being the oldest, she was usually prone to follow orders. I don't remember her getting in any trouble growing up. Jack and I on the other hand seem to constantly be getting into something. I remember laying on that bed and getting more bored by the minute. Jack was on his bed fidgeting and restless, playing with some Matchbox cars. Our beds were caddy corner from each other and I remember thinking I wish I was over there on Jack's bed so we could play cars. Next thing I knew, I had tossed back the covers and jumped from my bed over to Jack's. I made it! Rachel, of course, had to point out that I was going to get in trouble because Mom said to stay in the bed! I reminded her that Mom said "I don't want to hear any feet hit the floor." Mine didn't. I jumped in the air and never touched the floor.

I know it was a technicality but in my little pea brain, I had minded Mommy. It's funny the memories that little things can evoke.

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Rachel said...

You always were the rebel!