Tisket a Tasket You Gotta Love a Basket....

From the time we are little girls riding our first bike, we fall in love with baskets. Give us a basket and we will put something in it. My current obsession is baskets being used inside cabinets, drawers, shelves, just about everywhere. In my home re-decorating project, my major area of complaint is my bookcases in my home office. I want to get rid of the cluttered accumulation of stuff by placing it in other areas where it won't look so jumbled. This is the before picture, I will keep you posted on the after when I get everything moved out and my new ideas moved in.

I want to incorporate the use of baskets in the shelves. I've been busy on Pinterest looking at all the different ways people are using baskets. Here are some of my favorites.
They cut the legs off an old dresser and took the bottom drawer out. Look out yard sales, here I come.

I really, really love this one. If I can find one to fix up, I'm going to do it in this distressed blue and put it in the beach (kids) room and put toys in the baskets. I'm looking for something to put in there that I can put a lamp on and a bowl of shells.

How cute are these. I have a starfish and Walmart has these baskets. I'm thinking I would like these in the bathroom I am redoing with the beach theme.

These wall baskets are precious. You could easily spray paint any basket the color you want. I've done it many times in the past.

This is a great idea for a kitchen pantry or cabinets.

Here is my favorite simply because it is what I'm wanting to do in my office. My wood bookcases are not this dark, but it is the basic idea of what I want to do on some of my shelves.

I'm working on this project right now. I will need to buy more baskets as I go along. But I went through the house yesterday and accumulated these baskets that were sitting in other rooms for decor. I'm going to see what I can use in my office. The one with the green plaid lining was a Christmas gift from my daughter-in-law. It is one of my favorites. I think I know what I want to do with it and the light colored one on the back left top row that is lined with two handles. Stay tuned for updates.

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