When $1.00 can make me happy....

I love to shop. But I am actually kind of tight with my money. I don't like to spend a lot for anything. With today's economy, every penny counts. So I have been trying to be very frugal lately, but yesterday I was out of pickles. I have found a brand of dill pickles that I love and I can only find them at the local Dollar Tree. So, despite the rain, I made a trek into town to get some pickles. While I was at the Dollar Tree, I decided to scout around for anything that caught my fancy. And I found this cute little dish towel.

So I gladly spent the extra $1 and snatched it up. It was so vintage looking that I just fell in love with it. They had some with red in it and I realize now that I should have gotten one of those to send Sis. (Yes, Rachel, I will go back over and get you one). Having no clue what to do with it after I got it home, I started looking around the kitchen for an area that I was just not satisfied with the way it looked. And noticed the bakers rack.

I thought it needed a little oomph. So I shifted the bowls around to the higher shelves on the rack.

While doing that, my recipe box that I have had for about 25 years caught my eye. It is really cute, but I just take it for granted because I've seen it for 25 years.

But I gathered it and one of the Pyrex vintage yard sale finds from last year and an old pitcher that had been in the cabinet and here is the new look. (I need to iron the dish towel, but I was so excited about the new look that I just HAD to snap the picture and iron later).

When I was scouting around for things to set here, I also found this big recipe box that I had forgotten I had. It was sitting on a little wire rack with the choppers and food processors off the end of the kitchen. I'll be looking for somewhere to move this to now.

While I was out, I stopped at Staples. I have been trying to find a way to carry all my files and catalogs to my Thirty One shows when I do them. I saw an idea on Pinterest about putting a file organizer in the Organizing Utility tote. Staples had exactly what I was looking for so I snatched it up and came home and organized my Thirty One files into a neat way to cart them to the parties. Check my Thirty One Blog for my post about this. While you are there, take my poll on the top left hand column on how many Thirty One items you own. I just love the way my file carrier turned out.

All in all, yesterday was a great day. Can't believe spending $1.00 could make me so ecstatic. As a matter of fact, I love the little towel so much I think I'll do a little giveaway. I'm going back on Saturday so leave me a comment and we'll do a little drawing and the winner will receive a towel. I'll do the drawing at 5:00 on Saturday.


Sunray Gardens said...

Love your items. I like vintage things too. Just finished a reno here and it's hard trying to get rid of so many things from the space I lost. Doing a post about it next month. I like how you did your shelves.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Rachel said...

I love your little towel. You know I do need the little red one! That looks cute on your bakers rack. Was that a yellow Pyrex bowl of the primary bowl set on your top shelf? I still need the red and green primary colors. I need to get busy searching. Have a good day! :).

Tiffanie said...

I love your new towel! That is an awesome find for $1.00!

I also love your John Deere bowl. My kitchen is done in John Deere!

Leslie said...

I love your cute things and I love when I am inspired without spending to much money. Great job.