I sat down at 5:23 to write my blog this morning. At 5:24, I hear "Mamaw B" coming from the kids room. I walk in and two smiling little faces are looking up at me. Two sets of sparkling eyes are wide awake. And two dainty sets of lips proceed to say, "Can we have some brownies for breakfast?".... at 5:24 in the morning! They elected to stay in bed and watch Disney, Jr. for a little while.

We had a great time last night. They made brownies. When I set the box on the table, they read the ingredients together. Well, Alexis read the words and Shelby "read" the pictures. They had put their aprons on Mamaw Helen made them. Then there was a whole discussion about which one would be the chef and which one would be the sou chef (too much Food Network with Papaw). Then we got down to the business of making the brownies. These two girls get along so good. They each got to crack one egg. Alexis ran the water in the measuring cup and Shelby poured it in the bowl. Then Shelby put the oil in the measuring cup and Alexis poured it into the batter. They took turns stirring. But they both had to have spoons to lick the bowl when the brownies went in the oven.

Then we headed to the church hall to decorate for the shower. They had a good time playing while we did the decorating. Afterwards, we went to Burger King for some chicken nuggets and fries. The kids meal prize was a plastic pink princess crown. They were beside themselves with excitement. On the kids meal box there was a punch out paper doll and clothes. The side of the box said "Imagination is King". Alexis suggested since the box was pink, it should have said "Imagination is Queen." We had to make Princess toasts with each drink we took. We even toasted each other with french fries. It was hilarious. But they were having a ball and so was I.

Then we came home and had some play time before getting ready for bed. About 10:00, they crawled into the bed and played with their new paper dolls while they watched some cartoons and had a brownie and milk.

After breakfast this morning, we are going to do manicures and head out to a community yard sale before time to head back to the church hall for the bridal shower. It's sure to be a great day.

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