A week in review...

Lots to be thankful for this morning. I had a great week this past week. I was able to spend time with each my grandchildren during spring break. I went to Ripley's Aquarium on Wednesday with Caleb and Shelby and went to Wonder Works on Friday with Garret and Alexis. I didn't get to take Colby anywhere since he is just getting over walking pneumonia, but I got to spend a little time with him at his house. Grandchildren are one of God's greatest creations.

I had to go to ER Friday evening to get a wicker splinter removed. My finger is still a little sore from the poking and prodding to remove the splinter, not to mention the two shots in my hand. My arm still hurts from the tetanus shot. But I must say that I have never seen such efficiency at an ER. I must have timed it right. I checked in at 4:44 and I was released at 5:46. One hour and a couple of minutes. Not bad for an ER visit.

I had a wonderful time at my Thirty One meeting yesterday. Got to hear some very emotional stories about why people get involved with Thirty One. I love working with a company that puts God first in everything they do. We had some devotionals and prayer before we started each of the day's sessions. It was truly a blessed day.
I won't be singing in choir today. I have been coughing all day yesterday and all night last night. I don't like to be in choir and have a coughing fit so I'm just not going to sing today.
All in all, it has been a very blessed week. It reminds me of a song my choir sung back when I went to Sunrise Baptist Church in West Virginia. It was our "signature" song for the church. I believe they still sing it today. My brother-in-law is an awesome singer and any time we would sing that song, you could hear him so good in it and it always touched my heart. There was usually never a dry eye in church when the choir sung this song because it was such a blessing. I leave you with it today. Please listen closely to the words as Gordon Mote & Jason Crabb sing "Thank you Lord, For Your Blessings On Me."



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