I wasn't going to blog today....

....but just got home and thought I'd add a post. 

Well, our trip to Home Depot was a bust. Couldn't find what we were looking for. Lowe's didn't have it either. I have been to every HD and Lowes in our area. I have been to the gardening area of Walmart, to the floral departments in our local grocers, to the local Co-Op, to the mom and pop greenhouses and garden supplies and I can't find any Swedish Ivy anywhere. Has it become extinct? Does it not thrive is East Tennessee? I want four hanging baskets for my front porch, but want plants not flowers. And I really, really want Swedish Ivy. Any thoughts on where to get it?

If I can't get Swedish Ivy, I will settle for ferns. Ferns always make me want to relax and isn't that what front porches are for?

I have one more place to look that I haven't checked yet, and if they don't have my Swedish Ivy, I will get some ferns. I sort of like Spider Plants but I really thing the fern is my second choice and I'm pretty sure that is what I will end up getting.

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