The weekend

It has been a quiet weekend so far. I haven't done a lot of anything, but have spent the last couple of days relaxing. I did manage to go to a thrift store on Saturday in a neighboring city. I had never been there and was really pleased with it. I was mostly just window shopping but I did find this adorable magazine rack. 

I have been looking for something to put file folders in on my desk. I am not a fan of those black stacking trays that I am using now. I wanted something unique and different that would allow my folders to stand instead of laying flat. It makes it easier to drop them in. I haven't moved my folders around yet because I want to get some more pretty folders, but here is just an idea of how they will fit. 

Today is my annual holiday shopping day with my friend Sherrie and my daughter. We shop together every Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. One place we are going to is Tanger Outlets in Sevierville. I want to check out the Donna Sharp purses. Here are some of the ones I have been looking at online. I want to see them in person. I always pre-shop online for my Donna Sharps. They are so gorgeous that when I get in the store I am overwhelmed. So I do my homework on each purse before I head to the store. This new Spring line is gorgeous. Here are the patterns and styles I like the best.

We are also heading over to Old Time Pottery which had its grand opening this weekend. They have some great deals going on. One thing I want to look at is some everyday utensils. Over the years, you tend to lose or misplace silverware and I have never figured out where it goes. It must have ran away with all the misplaced socks that can't be found. Old Time Pottery has it on sale for the grand opening for $2.99. I may take one look at it and say forget it, but it could be a good deal. You just never know.
I was really surprised when I saw fabric on sale. The old Old Time Pottery did not carry fabric. Curious to see what this one has.  It's on sale for $3.92 per yard. For my current project I need 1/4 of a yard so that will only be about .98 cents. Not bad.
I have been looking for wicker baskets like this for both bathrooms. They have them on sale for just .99 cents - $1.99 depending on the size.
I am obsessed lately with clear glass plates and dinnerware. I fell in love with these. The price says items range from .99 cents each to $1.49. Not a bad deal. I may have to check this out.  

I also love these little jute tote bags. They are perfect for gift bags. At just .99 each they are just as cheap as paper gift bags and have the added benefit of being useful.
Hubby has to work tonight so I am going to order pizza for supper. Don't feel like doing a cookout for just myself. Hope I have lots of good shopping bargains to celebrate this evening. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

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