Melmac Memories

I love scouring the internet to find vintage items that I can search for at yard sales and thrift shops. I know it would be just as easy to buy them on Ebay or Etsy when I find them, but that's not the point. It is not the ease of purchase that I am seeking. It is finding that hard to find bargain in an out of the way place. It's the thrill of the hunt. I am not such an avid collector that I have to have everything I see in my particular collection. I am more of a "if I stumble across it and the price is right and I like it, I'll buy it" type of person. 

So here are some recent online finds that I may start looking for. The first is Melmac dishes. Of course, growing up with these dishes I didn't see anything special about them. But now I remember eating lunch on them, serving my children their pb and j sandwiches on them, Daddy eating his supper from them. So now I want a set for daily use. Here are some pretty patterns I found. This daisy pattern is unique plus I love the light avocado green that brings back the 60's and 70's.

This is probably one of my favorite patterns. I am really into pastels right now. 

This is another favorite that I would love to stumble on. 

This is a cute pattern. Lots of color going on and I love anything with flowers. 

This is very unique. You see lots of blues and pinks in pastel vintage dishes, but rarely do I see lavender or purple.

I like this with the background is woven looking. That is pretty cool.

These pink ones are just absolutely precious.

Another item I would love to find are vintage powder dishes. My Grandma Garretson had a pretty dish on her dresser that had her talcum powder in it. It smelled so good and I remember stopping by her dresser and lifting the lid many a times. I would love to find one to put in my bathroom. Here are some I saw that I liked. 

I would love to find one of these Fenton Glass hobnail dishes.

This Westmoreland Milk Glass one is pretty, too.

I really, really, really like this one. How feminine and delicate looking.

And one more thing I am looking for our vintage candy dishes with lids. I have found quiet a few that don't have lids, but I want them with lids. This one is cute. It is clear which I would really rather have milk glass or color, but I do like this style. 

This one is unique. It has seashells on it. I could put it in the grandchildren's room and keep M & M's in it for them. 

I think about everybody in my family had one like this in clear glass at one time or another. I haven't seen one in colors before. 

This one is probably my favorite. I love the style and I love the color. This would go on my desk filled with Junior Mints. 

This one is a pretty one for milk glass. The lid doesn't seem to fit just right, but that could just be the way they have it for the photo. 

I know I want one with a lid, but truth is I have been scouting this one out at local antique stores for quite some time. I want it for my nightstand to keep Hershey kisses in. I want the blue/green Carnival glass color. I have seen it several places but the price is always a little higher than what I want to spend. The cheapest I have found is $8.00 and I'm thinking that since these are not seen at yard sales or thrift stores, I may just have to bite the bullet and fork over the $8. I want it that bad. We will wait and see. 

Well, there are my wish list items for the day. I hope that sometime over the weekend I can hit some thrift stores or antique stores.

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