As I sit here and reflect on the good things in my life.
It’s easy to forget my cares, my worries and my strife.
For I’ve been blessed in many ways by the Lord above.
He’s put a roof over my head; gave me a family to love.

Sometimes he gives us blessings that our blinded eyes can’t see.
The warmth of the sunshine, a dew drop on a leaf.
The soft mew of a kitten as she snuggles by your side.
The white caps of the waves as we watch the ocean tide.

The enchanted sounds of children as they learn to sing.
Sitting on a front porch with grandma in a swing.
Walking down a dirt road; throwing rocks into a creek.
Watching as an eagle flies across a mountain peak.

Listening to a blue jay as it sings among the pines.
Going to the river; dropping in a fishing line.
Walking through the woods; stumbling on a buck or doe.
Stopping in a garden just to smell a fragrant rose.

So be sure and look around you with fresh thoughts in your mind.
And behold the many blessings I’m sure that you will find.
And when you thank the Lord above for the blessings He gives you,
Be sure to thank him for your friends, for they’re a blessing too.
Copyright Brenda Garretson Keefer 1999

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Rachel said...

That's a beautiful poem!