The Remarkable D

I met a lady quite by chance at my recent yard sale. Long story short, Dee came back by to visit yesterday. She was getting ready to go to field day this week with her niece. She brought some gifts she had made to show me and I fell in love with them. She is a very talented lady and I think I may be having her make me some items in the future.

The first thing she showed me was this cute gift for the teacher. It is a Thirty-One lunch tote. Since I sell Thirty-One, this intrigued me.

She had purchased some strawberry scents from Bath and Body works and placed them inside this adorable Thirty-One lunch tote. She made a cute strawberry card to coordinate with it. On the back of the card, it says "You are 'berry' special."

Since she didn't want the class to be left out, she purchased a huge lollipop for each kid in the class and placed them in this box.

She had cut the monkey out of leaves and heavy card stock and glued him to the box, then she made little monkeys to stick on the suckers. She will be tying a card to each sucker that says "School's out, school's out. Teacher let the monkeys out." These are going to be for their class party.

But the item that I fell in love with is so unique and the craftsmanship is unbelievably detailed. It is a birthday card for her niece's 7th birthday. It is a card in a box. It looks like an cute little box that might hold a small gift.

But she told me to take a peek inside before I opened it. This is what I saw.

Then we took the lid off and the card opened up. Complete with the niece's picture, a place for her to write a little note, a happy birthday wish and a signature card. And right in the middle of the box is the little three tiered birthday "cake". You can't see really good, but on the top layer of cake in the upper right hand is a green 7 with a little yellow flame on it for the candle. There are 7 roses down the cake for each of her niece's 7 years.

I am in love with this little box. She is very talented.

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Rachel said...

That stuff is so cute!! I love it all. Those are really cute ideas.