Tuesday's Treasure Box

I help out in one of the Sunday School classes at my church. The main teacher had asked me to look for old hats when I was at yard sales. She has the Pre-K class and wanted to have the hats for tea parties during play time. I've been keeping my eyes open, but haven't found anything....until Saturday.

I went to a yard sale at the local Senior Center. When I rounded the corner into the main room, the first table had some ladies hats. The prices ranged from $2 - $5 per hat. Well, I didn't really want to pay that much and I had just stuck four $1.00 bills in my pocket before I went in.

I picked out three hats I liked but they totaled $15.00. I explained to the lady what I was going to do with them. I told her I only had $4.00 in my pocket and didn't want to go back out to the car and asked her if she could sell me one of them for $4 instead of $5. She said since it was for the church, I could have all three hats for the $4.00. WOW! I was thrilled. Here is what I got.

Then as I looking at some things a few tables away, the lady from the hats comes up to me and says, "Here, take these for free. I think the girls will like playing with them with their hats." It was a bag of red and purple boas. She was right, the girls would love those, too.

Well, I know the little girls in the class I knew the plain hat was not going to get played with much. I also knew that the one with the purple ribbon would be really popular between two of the girls. So I took the hats home and decided to do a little "work" on them.

I started with the one with the red roses. I took off the roses.

Then I hot glued the purple ribbon on and tied it in a bow. I am not a great bow maker, but the girls will love it simply because it is purple.

Then I took the one that was just plain and hot glued the red roses on the front of it and on the back, I glued a gold button.

Now we are ready for tea.


Creations By Cindy said...

You got a deal! Love the way you embellished them! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Rachel said...

How adorable! What a great buy! The hats look better that way!!


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