What brought that on?

Many of you know that I am not a cook. I love to bake, but do not like to fix a meal at all unless it is absolutely necessary. But I made breakfast for supper last night. Hubby was at work and I was trying to decide what I wanted. 

It all started when I was looking in the cabinet and spotted this Corelle platter that Mom had given me. 

I wondered what I could fix that I could put on the platter and have some supper ready when hubby got home. So I thought some good sausage and bacon would be nice. Plus the leftovers would be good for breakfast for a couple of days. So I fried some sausage and some bacon on the griddle.  

He likes Southern Style Grands and I like the Hungry Jack Buttermilk Flaky biscuits. I had a small can of each so I just went ahead and baked them both and put them on one of my favorite platters. 

I fried me an egg (which I have only done about 10 times in my life) and I got the edge just a tad crispy but that was okay because the inside was perfect, just a tad runny like I like them. I think you call it over medium. It may not look perfect, but my supper was delicious. Not bad for somebody who doesn't like to cook. 

I had been talking earlier that day with Mom and we got to talking about her new love of making yo-yo's. I had pulled her some sample ideas from the internet and she was teaching me via telephone how to make them. So I wondered if I could make them. I loved some of the ideas I saw (visit Bee's 31 Gifts for some more ideas of cute crafts to make with Yo Yo's.) I had ran to Joanne's earlier in the day to get some material so I could try my hand at making one. I picked out some patriotic material to make a little pin to wear on Memorial Day.

I cut out two circles. I used some lids to my Pampered Chef bowl.

Then I gathered my thread, needle, and scissors.

I made the Yo-Yo's. This was my first one. It isn't perfect. I am not sure if my stitches were too big or too little and I forgot to ask Mom how close to the edge of the material I should go. But since I'll be covering the middle with a button, it's not too shabby for a first try and for being coached over the phone when I am more of a visual person. 

The second one turned out better but I forgot to take a picture. I realized after I was done that the big circle should have been a little bigger. There is not a lot of it showing behind the little one, but being my first try, I don't think it turned out too bad. This one was my test one. I will make another one tonight for my Memorial Day wear. But I loved doing it. I have found a new craft I can do and that is fast and easy ... two requirements I need for crafting with my short attention span. 

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Creations By Cindy said...

Ooh, I love breakfast for supper! And tell me...how have you not HAD TO COOK! Ha! I have a friend that doesn't cook and I have yet to figure out how she raised her son. LOL! Love those yoyo's. Hugs and blessings, Cindy