Arcopal Madness

I have always loved anything to do with France. It is my dream one day to visit Paris. I want to eat French pastries on a little sidewalk cafe. When I was about 5 years old, I remember that Evening in Paris perfume was very popular. I remember it came in a pretty blue bottle. And every time I saw that blue bottle I wished I could go to France.

I recently discovered some vintage dish products from a company called Acropal France. The dinnerware is white opal tempered glass that is break proof with a fire glazed finish. It is made by the company that makes Mikasa. Here are some of my favorite pieces in their line. Some of the items resemble a Pyrex style

These coffee cups look like they could be used for soup. I just love the floral pattern. 

Vintage French 1970s Acropal coffee cups

I am also fond of their daisy and bird pattern that is on this bowl. Reminds me of something Pyrex would do. 

Vintage Arcopal Daisy and Bird Glass Casserole Made in France

I would love to stumble upon an entire set of the dishware.

Floride by Arcopal France 4 Cups with Saucers

This pitcher is just adorable.

Vintage Pitcher - French Arcopal -  White opal glass - 1970s

This is probably my favorite item that I would like to have in this pattern. 

Vintage 1960s  French Arcopal Tea/Coffee Pot And 5 Cups Saucers. Retro Pyrex. Vintage Pitcher

On the other hand, this could possibly be my favorite set. The good news it the entire set is $30.00 USD. The bad news it they will not ship to the United States. Guess I'll have to look around here.

Vintage 1960s  French Arcopal Tea/Coffee Pot And 5 Cups Saucers. Retro Pyrex. Vintage Pitcher

This is an absolutely gorgeous casserole dish.

Vintage Arcopal casserole and lid - Veronica pattern - light blue flowers

These pastel cups are cute. 

6 Pastel Arcopal Plates & Bowls Cups for Soup or Snacks France Summer Breakfast 70s

This is absolutely the most precious little coffee pot I have ever seen.

Mid Century Mod Arcopal Milk Glass Coffee Pot From France

I would love to have these little ramekins for snack items such as peanuts or M and M's. 

Now, just to see if I can find any of this around here. 

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Rose Kute said...

love the first coffee cups, the little flowers. Well, I love all of them but the ones in the first pic are my fave.