Bargains galore

Do you ever have one of those days where you go shopping and you can't believe the bargains you find? I was giddy with excitement yesterday at all the wonderful items I picked up at such great prices. Several weeks ago I went to an Estate Sale and the lady told us to watch the paper because she would be having another one in a few weeks. They hadn't gone through everything at the first one. Yesterday was the day. So, I went back. I am so glad I did. Here are my goodies for the day.

Our kitchen has a couple of pantry cabinets and I have been wanting some of these little shelves to put in the tall sections. They had three for .25 cents each. I snatched them all up. They are about $3.75 each at Walmart. I saved $10.50.

I have been looking for cute little ways to display my smaller Thirty One products when I do a show. This was just $1.00 and will hold several different items. 

These will also be used to display some of my Thirty One items. These were $1.00 each and are black wrought iron. Very heavy duty.

The lady at the estate sale said her Mother loved to sew and made this dresser scarf that I picked up for $1.00.

She also made these adorable bread cloths for bread baskets. I got these for .25 cents each. 

These vintage dishtowels were 2 for .25 cents. 

This little book was so cute that I had to get it for a dear friend who teaches Sunday School class at our church. The title definitely applies to her. Her students never want to leave her class. Just .25 cents.

A cute little milk glass dish for .25 cents. 

I fell in love with this vase. It was just .25 cents as well. 

I thought this was cute. I put it in the beach room and filled it with seashells. It was another .25 cent find. 

I haven't read anything by this author, but the book looked good. It was almost brand new and just $1.00.

I was really thrilled with these. Remember a few weeks ago I discovered dishes for butter pats? Well, they had two of them at just .75 cents each. 

This next item caused me to be beyond thrilled. I have been looking for a little table or night stand for the kids rooms so I could put some baskets in the shelf. Well, I picked up this night stand for just $5.00 and here it is with the baskets I already had. One holds the girls dishes and the other has the boys Matchbox cars. Now, I'm looking for a little trunk to hold the rest of the toys. 

But my bargain of the day made everything else pale in comparison. When our TV blew up, we moved the big TV from our bedroom into the living room. And we moved the kid's TV into our bedroom. Any time they come over, we need to move it back for them. We will eventually buy a new one for the living room, but in the meantime, I really wanted another TV. So I found this yesterday for the kids room. It fit perfect and the price was....are you ready for this....just TEN DOLLARS! That's right, $10.00. I was so excited. 

All these wonderful finds for less than $25.00! It doesn't get any better than that. I may check the paper to see if anything good is going on today. 


Rachel said...

Love the stuff you got. You had a really good day!!

Rose Kute said...

Those are awesome finds.