Excitement is building.....

This week it is my Fed Ex lady I love instead of my UPS guy. She delivered my new Thirty One Top-a-Tote. It is awesome.

They are available in gray, black and brown. I ordered the gray to go with my new large utility tote in the Spirit gray. Simple place your storage or travel items in your large utility tote.

Lay the lid on top of the tote (notice the see through PVC window)

There are slots in the long side of the Top-a-Tote, just reach down and pull your straps through the slots. 

Straighten the sides and the corners to pull securely down on the tote like a lid. 

And you have an awesome tote to use for storage or to take with you for camping, shopping, vacations, beach trips, picnics, church dinners....ANYWHERE!

And the best part? The Top-a-Totes are just $10.00 for the entire month of July. I am going to get one for each of my large utility totes. The June special is to spend $31.00 and order a large utility tote for just $10.00. Then add on a Top-a-Tote for another $10.00 and you are ready for summer.

I've got a busy day planned today. My daughter-in-law found me a place that sells Swedish Ivy. I am so excited. I was heading to look at it yesterday while I was running errands, but ran out of time and had to get home for a phone appointment so I am going to go look today. 

A couple of months ago, I left U.S. Cellular to go with ATT for my cell phone. I thought I was going to save all this money, have a little smaller phone and being happy with them. Well, I have not been happy. I have missed my Motorola Electrify. So I did some research and found a plan at US Cellular that was a better plan than I had before AND it was cheaper and it would work for my Motorola, so I am back with US Cellular and am a happy customer. ATT did not pick up hardly anywhere in my house and the roads I travel on a lot have many dead spots with ATT. That was never an issue with US Cellular. Let me add that the Electrify is by far the best phone I have ever owned. 

(Garret giving his sister Alexis a hard time)

I'm going to Garret's ballgame tonight. There is nothing like watching your grandchild out there on that field playing ball unless it is watching your son being the one doing the coaching. They have a good team and the games are always interesting. It takes me back to all those years I watched my son play ball. So many good memories. 

Well, time to get started on, ..... oh I even hate to say the word .... but time to get started on cleaning house. I have a lot going on next week so I want to get the housework done and out of the way. Hope everybody has a great weekend. 

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