Loving my new tablecloth

On Memorial Day I went to the Grand Opening weekend for Old Time Pottery. I had purchased a new tablecloth and just now got around to putting it on. I have cream lace curtains on my dining room windows and have been looking for a lace crochet tablecloth that was affordable. I found one at Old Time Pottery for $5.99. I am loving it. 

Here is what my table looked like before.

I've had this tablecloth for a couple of years and even though I change with the seasons, I was tired of it. 

So I put on the new one and changed out the centerpiece and I am very happy with the result. Excuse the wrinkles. I never iron my tablecloths until I try them on to make sure I am going to like them. Since I do love this, getting the wrinkles out will be on my list to do today. 

I just love the country look that this gives the table.

The wooden rooster matches the wood on the table and chairs. I picked it up at a yard sale quite a while back. It was only .25 cents. It is one of my favorite roosters.

Keeping with my French Country theme in my kitchen, I picked up a new runner for the front of the kitchen sink. I just had a small, plain burgundy rug there I didn't really like it. I love rugs in front of the sink. I looked at Kmart and Walmart and didn't like anything they had in the size I wanted. They also wanted $19.99 for the size to go in front of my sink. I ran to the local Family Dollar store and picked this up for $10.00. 

I am starting to love the feel of my kitchen. When I started thrift shopping for vintage Pyrex, I wasn't sure what hubby would think of me invading his kitchen with a lot of old bowls. He loves it. I've been collecting them since last October and have them on my bakers rack and on my wine rack. He had never really mentioned it before, but last week he made biscuits and gravy for supper and he said "Can I use your Pyrex bowls or are they for looks only?" How funny. I've had them all this time and never even knew he was wanting to use them. So I gave him the okay and he uses them all the time now. This is his favorite one. Thanks, Peggy, for giving it to me.


Creations By Cindy said...

Love that table! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Mary said...

Your table looks so good!!!