A busy day planned....

This is going to be one of those days that is busy from start to finish. I better make sure I eat some breakfast this morning so I have the energy to make it through the whole day. My newest breakfast addiction is Grands Biscuit sandwiches. They are microwaveable and extremely tasty. They are quick and easy and absolutely delicious. 

I love orange juice with my biscuit sandwiches, but with acid reflux orange juice doesn't like me so much. But about a year or so ago, I found something that is perfect. Sunny Delight Smooth. There is no acid taste. It is so cool and refreshing, yet has the good taste of orange juice with a twist. I love this stuff. 

I have a full schedule of work today. I have some client calls to make, some trucking quarterly reports to finish and some calls to my Thirty One customers to see if they need anything before the July special ends.

Need to knock off about 4:30 so I can wash my hair and do my nails before heading over Ms. Michele's house for a Pampered Pantry Open House. It is going to be a blast. She has been my Pampered Chef consultant from day one and I have been a hostess many times and attended other parties she has held. I always look forward to spending time with her. Her events are always a blast. I'm really looking forward to tonight. She is going to have a "Taste the Rainbow" sampling party. This is going to be fun. I've been scouring my catalog to make up my mind what I want. Not sure yet what that will be, but I know my wish list is getting long so it's going to be time for me to have another party this fall.

I'll need to be sure and be back home by 8:00 for an online event with Thirty-One and my sister consultants. It will last about an hour and then I can have a little down time before hitting the sack. Like I said, a busy day today.

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