Christmas in July

The hotter it gets the colder we want it to be. I was sitting on my swing yesterday in 90+ degree weather thinking about working on some crafts for Christmas. Every year, I get excited about making new crafts for the holidays....but I wait too close to the holidays to get started. This year it is going to be different. I am going to get some ideas and start gathering materials. Then on the cool fall evening in September and October, I can work on my Christmas crafts. Here are some of the things I am loving.

A wreath for the kitchen

Would love to do this for my beach room. Of course, the grandkids will love the bowl of Hershey kisses as decor. 

A neat gift idea. This would be a cute idea for our Sunday School class to do one Sunday in December. 

These look really simple. 

Now this is just the cutest easiest candle holder craft I have ever seen. I don't have a lot of talent, but bet I could make this one for sure.  

Now this is an adorable idea for tags. It is a paint chart like you get at Lowe's. 

I am going to look for Christmas socks and colored socks at yard sales and Dollar Tree. This would be so easy and so cute to make. You could even do it out of Halloween socks for October.  

This looks easy. 

Now, I am just in love with this. Only problem is I don't have a clue how to make the stars. They look like scrapbook paper. I am sure there is an easy way to make them. I'll have to ask my friend Stephanie. She is really crafty and might know how to do them. 

 How precious is this. 

 I could SO do this one. Talk about easy. I already have white yarn and a multitude of buttons. I see burlap ribbon in the craft stores. The hat will just be the challenge. Wonder if you could use green floral wire for the hat to make it even more Christmas"y". Does anybody know what this black wire is and where you would get it. I am definitely going to make this. 

Another cute idea that would be easy to make.  

I love music and I love Christmas icicles so this one would be fun to make if I can learn how to fold the stars. I have seen sheet music scrapbook paper before.  

Here are some items I saw that would be fun to make with kids. This little wreath could be made stringing buttons or beads either one.

Easy to make with scrapbook paper and glue dots. 

Simple as can be.

This is a fun craft made from tracing their hands. 

I am thinking this is one of the easiest kids crafts I have ever seen. I have a red and green basket shaped like a sleigh that is on gold sled runners. I set a stuffed Santa in it every year. Wouldn't it be neat to make 8 of these and let them "ride" in the sleigh with Santa. Too adorable. 

Another easy craft for little ones. 

Well, there you have it...Christmas in July. 

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